Our European Holiday: Ireland

Day 8 & 9

Every city we visited was so vastly different. From London to Edinburgh to Glencoe and then to Dublin, they all had their unique characteristics and different vibes. London was more fast paced and modern. Edinburgh had so much history and felt like you were in medieval times. Glencoe was just too unreal, with all the mountain views and the never ending roads to who knows where. Then there was Dublin, with its moody, rainy weather and graffiti everywhere.

When Jake was in college, he helped co-lead a mission trip to Ireland. He was so excited to be back in this country and to show me some of the places he'd been to before. Of course, there was a light rain the entire time we were here, but we didn't let that stop us from exploring! 

We didn't have anything specific we wanted to do in Dublin, so we just enjoyed walking around and soaking it all in. Dublin is a fairly easy city to walk through, with everything being off the canal that runs right through the middle of the city and out to the coast. On our cruise through the city, we stopped at Trinity College and took in all the old architecture. The college was founded back in 1592. Can you imagine the stories this place could tell? It's crazy!

By the time we knew it, we had walked a good 5 or 6 miles and had worked up an appetite. For dinner, we stopped a local pub called The Porterhouse Temple Bar. I got the best chicken pot pie I've ever eaten and Jake got fish and chips (I didn't know a person could eat so much fish and chips in one trip!). Yummm! What I would do to go back there for one meal.

From the cathedrals to the coast, Dublin has a sense of belonging. Although it was overcast and raining the whole time, there seemed to still be so much happening. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and genuine. It made our short stop in Ireland, a good one.