This is me: Corinne


My name is Corinne. I’m a Northern girl, livin’ in the South. I’m a Jesus lover, adventure seeker, latte drinker, lazy morning lover, beach bum, sunset watcher, and lover of a good story. I’m always up for a random dance party or a brownie sundae. I tend to use too many exclamation points when I text and too many ‘happy faced’ emojis. I’m married to the most incredible man named, Jake. We have been married for over three years and one day we’ll be parents to the cutest little golden doodle!

Jake and I recently started our business, His and Hers Creative in 2016 and have been loving every minute of this new adventure together. We started this business in hopes to make a positive impact and use the gifts God gave use to glorify Him. We want to tell peoples stories so we started a visual-storytelling business in hopes to do just that.

Photography has always been something I’ve enjoyed and wanted to pursue, but there was always something hold me back: the fear of not being good enough, not creative enough, or not being able to capture the ‘right’ moment. Over time I’ve realized that photography isn’t a hobby where you can pick up your camera and excel at it over night. It takes time, patience, and practice… lots of practice.

The reason why I choose to strongly pursue wedding photography is because I love weddings and I believe in marriage! Marriage is the most beautiful, challenging, adventurous, and rewarding thing God ever created. This is the day where you commit the rest of your life to someone you love. I want to be able capture all the feelings of the day, be able to pray with you, and celebrate this incredible journey you’re beginning!

Going after a dream is scary, but so worth the risk.  I’m not sure where photography will take me or even this blog for that matter but I can’t wait to see where I end up, and the people I will meet along the way.

Thanks for following along on my photography journey. Enjoy!