This is me: Jake

And so it begins.

It’s a new day and a new journey. The dream was dreamt and now the reality of that dream is coming to life. His & Hers Creative was a dream but not one that we had when were sleeping then woke up and only remembered the minor details. This is a dream that has been cultivated out long days and tireless nights. It has been crafted over many hours and a lot of failed ideas. His & Hers is Corinne and I saying, we are husband and wife and we can make this work TOGETHER. Sure, we have our own niches, but as a whole we do this thing together. 

As you can tell by now this post is going to be a little different from the title. I do want to introduce myself but I hate talking about myself so this will have a little more depth to it, so back to His & Hers Creative.

We believe you can be married and work together. This is because we believe in each other and we are each others BIGGEST fans. Corinne has strengths that frankly, I suck at. In return, I give my best to the things she lacks at. We fill in each others gaps and compliment each others strengths. Do we disagree? Yes, all the time. Does Corinne get annoyed with me when I don’t stay organized? Absolutely. Do we piss each other off by pushing those little buttons? Yup. But that does not stop us from humbling ourselves so the other person can thrive and step into the lane that they are better at.

We yell, we talk, we compromise and we DO NOT keep score.

Side note: When I talk loudly, most of the time Corinne thinks I am yelling. I am not and we joke about this all the time. If you know me, I am a loud person so my talking voice sounds like yelling sometimes. We can all thank my mother for giving me that trait. Love you mom!

I guess, I am telling you all of this because I wanted to make sure you knew why we joined what we do together. We could of easily did separate things and promoted ourselves individually, but this is so much more than just Jake or Corinne. This is our attempt to give back to the world by being excited about marriage and about doing life together. In a culture that has lost its drive to love and stay committed even when it hurts, we want marriages to work. We are going to do everything we can to shine light on this beautiful and challenging coming together of a man and a woman.

So we have joined forces. We brought our creative juices together and now you have photography, videography, and design all under one canopy. The future is only as vast as we want to give to it. We are excited and ready for the years ahead! 

As for me, my name is Jake.


I like cold brew coffee, surfing, soccer, dogs, Ohio sports and all things creativity. When the surf is good you can find me in the line-up. On rainy days, you can find me sipping on some homemade cold brew… Who am I kidding? Everyday you can find me sipping on that delicious goodness. I like simplistic design that has the ability to pass the test of time and I enjoy cinematography that tugs at your heart. I snap photos because I like to freeze moments in time and I have a radiant wife that looks so good in front of the lens so I take photos of her.

This is me.