Two Northern Kids, Stuck in a Southern World

As a lot of you may already know, Corinne and I currently call Charleston, South Carolina home. Growing up and well into college, I never really knew about Charleston. South Carolina was just a state I had to pass through to get to Florida. The only thing that was real to me was Myrtle Beach because everyone and their mom from Ohio goes to Myrtle Beach at some point or another. To think that a gem like Charleston was just another 2 hours south and I never knew it was there until I got a call from Charleston while Corinne and I were living in Florida.

Corinne and I got offered a job at a church right outside of Charleston and this once mythical city became a reality for the both of us. I didn't have a clue what it looked like or what the culture felt like but we were loaded up in a moving truck and on our way 'south'. In no time at all we were surrounded by fried chicken and more sweet tea than any human should ever be exposed to. It was weird, people sounded funny, and there was still Palm trees... Aka Palmetto trees. Luckily, we had friends living here that helped us acclimate to the area, but even that came at a stretch. We were just two northern kids stuck in a southern world.

Over the last two years, I have had to ask too many people to repeat themselves because I couldn't translate that thick southern accent that is all too real. I still don't like sweet tea but man, I have really come to LOVE chicken and waffles. This city is so rich with culture and history. The food is to die for and the people bring Southern Hospitality to life. We walk around in awe of how unique the city, we now call home, really is. Three year ago, I hardly knew Charleston existed and now, most cities we travel to don't come close to touching Charlestons vibrance and authenticity. So this post and design is to you Chucktown. Thanks for doing you and allowing us to call you home for these short 3 years.